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“I went to use my computer for my resume that needed to be done the next day and my computer was acting all funky and screens kept popping up. I needed help with it right away and Best Buy couldn’t come for two weeks, Billings Tech Guys could get there that same day and were cheaper than what Best Buy quoted me. They came right to my house and had my computer up and running within a few hours! I can’t thank them enough!!!

~Brook B.


“It was time to upgrade my 32 inch TV but I did not know what to get, I just wanted a bigger one. I was trying to do some research online but it was over my head. I saw Billings Tech Guys ad saying they will do everything from the research to the install so I called them and they came out and did a consultation that same day and now I had a brand new 60 LED TV mounted on my wall in less than a week, they even set up a new surround sound for me! I thought it was going to cost a fortune, but it ended up costing less than the TV I was planning on buying.

~Tawny C.


“I’m old and when it comes to computers I often feel lost. I bought a new Mac because that’s what everyone told me to do, but then I had no clue how to use it. Dylan from Billings Tech Guys did an awesome job training me. He took extra time to show me the basics and how to check my email, facebook, and how to print if I need to. He even made it so I can do all of it on my phone too and gave me a cheat sheet if I need it! I’ll be recommending my friends to get the same training done, Thank you sooo much!!

~Jodi M.