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Managed IT Services

Billings Tech Guys IT Solutions handle the IT needs of your office for a flat monthly rate. We guarantee that our services will be performed for the benefit of our clients. Because of this, there are no term commitments on our agreements and our clients can cancel service at any time. If at any time, the perception of value is lost, then the customer should have the opportunity to meet their needs elsewhere without hassle. Your office will benefit from consistent pricing, reliable solutions and exceptional customer service. We also offer break and fix services with no contracts for an hourly rate.

Device Repair & Troubleshooting

When your computers are down, you are losing money. Our techs will get you up and going before you can blink.

What brands can we repair?
Any brand, any problem!

Data Management, Backup, & Recovery

    Data is invaluable. We will make sure your systems are set to back up all your data so if your computer ever does crash, your data will be easily downloaded again. If you lost your data and don’t have a backup, our data recovery software can extract from an internal and external hard drives. If we can’t get recover the data in-house we can send it to our data recovery center.


Virus & Spyware Removal

At Billings Tech Guys, we have experienced technicians that can remove any virus. Our technicians can tackle all of the toughest malicious viruses, trojans, worms and any other malicious programs out there.


Cloud Services

    Billings Tech Guys provide several options for private, and hybrid cloud services. Whether you’re exploring back up, disaster recovery, or the outsourcing of your entire infrastructure, our Cloud solutions enable your staff to work from anywhere at any time. 


Cyber Security

At Billings Tech Guys, we take security serious. Whether it’s your business network or your personal laptop, we will stop the toughest malicious viruses, trojans, worms and any other malicious programs from accessing your computer.

Network Design


    Billings Tech Guys will design your new or upgraded network and manage your day-to-date operation of existing networks. Network design is an interactive process in which the designer examines users’ needs, develops an initial set of technology designs, assesses their cost and then revisits the needs analysis until the final network design emerges.