Do you want a new TV, but aren’t sure on the size, resolution, or refresh rate?  Let our experts help you find the perfect fit tailored to your needs! We can come in your home and take measurements, check lighting, and get detailed insights on what you plan on watching. We gather all the necessary information, find you the best price, and install it for you! We can even recycle your old one.

Need a new computer or other technology? No problem. We can do exactly the same thing for whatever technology you are looking to get. Save the hassle of trying to find the perfect tech that fits your needs or the best price, let us do it all for you!


Schedule an appointment today for your personalized technology consultation!

What’s Included in our On-Site Consultation:

  • A tech will visit your home and determine what features you need
  • Review all of your current devices
  • Recommend the best option for integration, upgrades, and purchases
  • Get you an estimate for services you wish to pursue
  • Receive $50 off our computer setup and install if you approve with the estimate


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