If you haven’t updated yet, Billings Tech Guys recommends upgrading your computer to Windows 10, with a few exceptions:

  • Your computer is over 4 years old.  If your computer is running slow on Windows 7 or 8, Windows 10 is not going to be any faster. You may want to look at replacing your computer. Without a proper compatibility check, updating older computer can crash your computer. Make sure you have all your data before attempting to update to Windows 10.
  • You have an older printer or scanner.   Check out PC Magazine’s article with links to the major printer manufactures sites to see if your printer is compatible. If your printer or scanner is not compatible, maybe it is time to upgrade to a new printer or scanner!
  • Line of Business software.  Check with your software vendor to verify your software is compatible with Windows 10. Many still are recommending running their software on Windows 8.1 or windows 7, and may continue to throughout 2016.

Find out more about Windows 10 here.

Contact Us if you need help or have questions about upgrading your computer to Windows 10!